What You Need to Know About EasySMX Switch Controller

What You Need to Know About EasySMX Switch Controller

Finding the right controller can make all the difference when it comes to playing the best Switch games. Not all can afford to buy switch controllers from popular brands. But do not worry as there are lots of good alternatives in the market today, like the easysmx switch controller.

The switch controller from EasySMX offers the same convenience only top brands can provide at an affordable price. With glowing buttons, you can choose the design that best suits your style. Below are the things the EasySMX switch controller can offer.

Lights and a Long-lasting Battery

Right joystick, A, B, and Y buttons light up when you turn on your EasySMX Switch Controller. The vibrant colors are pleasing to the eye. Once the L and R buttons have been pressed for about five seconds, the lights will go out, and you can continue playing. The light's primary function is to help you see the buttons at night.

Keeping the lights on will not drain your battery. You can play with the lights on for up to 15 hours, which is enough during a long gaming session. Just make sure to charge it in between uses. You can use the USB included in the package to charge the controller.

Aspects of Design and Functionality

The motion controls worked very well and quickly. You could use them to control a mechanism in a shrine or lift a metal box over your head. As with most non-Nintendo controllers, you can't scan amiibo with this one.

This Nintendo Switch controller's design is strikingly reminiscent of the form factor of the Pro Controller. There are all of the standard buttons that you would find on the best Switch controllers, including the button for taking a screenshot and the button that takes you home.

When it comes to the design of the EasySMX, the texture on both the tips of the joysticks and the backside of the controller is very impressive. It improved the player's ability to maintain a grip on the game and gave them the impression that they had greater control over the characters' movements.

In addition to that, there is a turbo button, which requires very little configuration on the user's part. Having a controller that allows you to press the same button repeatedly can give you a significant competitive advantage when playing certain games. The controller's front features an attractive design. However, if you don't like the design, EasySMX has a variety of other options.

EasySMX gamepads have a lighter feel in your hand than the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, as is the case with many other third-party controllers for the Switch. However, despite its lighter weight, the object still had a pleasant feel when held in your hands.

Final Verdict

The best Switch controllers have a track record of dependability, good battery life, rumble, and compatibility with motion controls. This requirement is superbly satisfied by the EasySMX Switch Controller, which also provides you with a selection of engaging layouts from which to select.