How to take care of your 360 lace frontal wig?

How to take care of your 360 lace frontal wig?

When you talk about hair or hair extensions the main thing is to take care of them. Hair extensions need the same care as natural hair needs. Any kind of hair wig might be a full lace wig, deep curly wig, or 360 lace frontal wig, all need the same care for the shine, protection from damage, and the long life. For natural hair, people try many remedies to protect them.

Just like them, hair extensions are also made up of human hair and they need the same care but not the remedies. When you try any remedy to the hair wig it may damage the hair extension. Some tips that are kept in mind when you are using hair extensions.

10 tips for the 360 lace frontal wig.

Not only for the 360 lace front wigs these tips can help you with any kind of hair extensions.

1. Washed your wig

As we washed our natural hair just like the hair extensions also be washed. Must wash your 360 lace frontal hair extension once a week.

2. Combing your hair

When you comb or brush your hair use a smooth wide tooth comb or a soft bristle brush at the ends of your 360 lace frontal wig. Do not brush harshly and brush in a downward motion.

3. Moisturize your hair

At least moisturize your hair once a week with organ oil or any cream that makes your hair soft and nourishes.

4. Conditioner

Whenever you washed your hair must use a conditioner. It can help you to save from the dust particles which can damage your hair.

5. Avoid Rubbing

The important thing which is kept in mind when you are washing or conditioning your hair is not to rub your 360 lace frontal wig. Just do a gentle massage.

6. Detangle before washing

Must detangle your hair whenever you washed your 360 lace frontal hair extension or any other wig. Detangle with fingers or comb up to you.

7. Dry thoroughly

After washing your 360 lace frontal wig dry thoroughly. Wet hair can damage your hair extension while you are sleeping or working with them.

8. Wrap it

Wrap your hair with a scarf or with any cloth while going to sleep. It prevents your hair from breakage and fizziness.

9. Don’t use styling products

Overuse of styling products can damage your hair. Ask your seller for the appropriate styling method or go to the hair expert.

10. Properly attached/detached

Use a safe kind of adhesive or tape when you attached the wig. Also, learning how to take off your wig correctly will help to protect you from damage.


Must keep in mind and follow these tips when you are using 360 lace frontal or any kind of hair wig or hair extension. These pro tips not only help in the long life of the hair extension but also helps to maintain its grip shine and color remains constant.