How to Pick the Right Wig For Your Face Shape?

How to Pick the Right Wig For Your Face Shape?

When it comes to wig makeup, don't you expect to have a fabulous look with a random wig? Selection of the optimal wig style for your face shape can help you look and feel your best.

Generally, there are multiple wigs' styles, colors, and types, but not all of them complement every face shape. You might have the benefit of trying the wigs on when doing in-market shopping, but for an online market, it's better to have the basic tips for picking the right wig for your face shape.

Well, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow these tips, but if you want to be the most beautiful version of yourself, don't ignore the instructions below!

Here we will help you find the best wig style that will completely change how you look or want to look.

Different Face Shapes

Usually, there are six types of face shapes; round, heart, square, rectangular, oval, and diamond. If you are not aware of your face shape, use one of the three common ways to find out;

Measurements: Measure your face from the forehead to the chin per the professionals' given rules.

Mirror: Those who have very clear face edges and features can detect their face shape just by looking in the mirror.

Pictures: You can draw your portrait or take front pictures to check your face shape.

Now let's talk about the wig styling!

Wigs Recommendation

1. Oval Face 

Oval face shapes are usually longer and wide with rounded edges that are gently tapered towards the chin. This shape has the most advantages when it comes to wearing different wig styles. Almost every wig style complements the proportion and balance of the oval face shape.

2. Round Face 

A round face shape is usually of the same length and width with very soft and blended features. For this face shape, you can wear short styles or styles that are longer than chin length with layers to add volume. Sleek hairstyles can also look perfect for a chubby rounded face.

3. Heart Face 

A heart-shaped face tends to be wide on the forehead and the cheekbones but slops pretty sharply towards the chin. A variety of different wig styles can complement this shape very well. To accentuate heart-shaped face features, you can choose a wig that will add volume on the top of your head or the wavy long bob or pageboy style wigs.

4. Square Face 

In square shaped face, the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline is almost the same, and the jawline angle straights toward the chin. A wispy and layered style wig will soften the square look of your face. You can also go for the curly wigs or banged wigs.

5. Diamond Face 

The diamond face shape tends to have a tapered forehead and chin with wider cheekbones. This face shape allows you to experience different hairstyles like a pixie, bob, or lob-style wigs. You can also try thick wavy fringes and medium-length wigs with a side parting.

6. Oblong Face 

Like an oval shape, the oblong face is also longer than it is wider, but the forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines are about the same width. This shape is also known as rectangular. If you have an oblong face, choose thick, long, and layered, ginger lace front wigs and avoid sleek styles.


This article contains the common face shapes and their complemented wig style. If your face is a combination of different shapes, then worry not. In that case, it is highly recommended to try different styles that will elevate your face features and overall personality.