Context of the book “Alpha King.”

Context of the book “Alpha King.”

Hanifah Amirah has written this book. This book has 122 chapters. The introduction of the book is Alpha and Nyx are doing sex. He said he could smell her arousal. She is shivering with lust. She felt him hardening underneath her. she counted five, and he was done. He spanked her a total of five times, and she was wet. She felt the liquid running down her legs. She had never felt this feeling before. She asked her what did he want? She was getting turned on as his hand approached her neck. He asked her to do you want me to know what I want? She nodded positively. He asked her to get on the couch and open her legs as he wanted to taste her. She was labeled as a curse for being a silver wolf. This book alpha king, contains extra mature content, abuse, violence, sex, steamy scenes, and much more. So read it carefully.

Chapter 1

She hissed as soon as the lace of silver whip came down from her back. She felt a new wound having an injury far worse than the previous one. Alpha asked her if they should do 21 or 21 multiplied by 2. He gave a sinister laughing look to her. She cried and shouted in pain as she could not put that in for so much longer. She cannot ask him, too, as she fears what will be next for her. She thought that was what the goddess of the moon was thinking while making us partners. He asked him if he should have allowed her to accept the rejection. But he instantly regretted that after saying this. He wondered how you dared to talk in such a way at your alpha. He had asked her in the morning to make an omelet for him, but she refused by saying she was not her maid. That’s why alpha is punishing her. He held her hair with a force that her scalp felt that. He told her that she deserved only pain. He said that the child is useless. She said that the child was ours. To which he responded how can you say that little girl bitch is from me. Every other male is between your legs. She tried not to pay attention to his words.

Chapter 2

In the second chapter, the author writes that she wakes up from sleep from the pain of her wounds. She knew that she had to remain quiet not to awaken her little girl. She felt the pain because he was with someone else. She went to titan, and by addressing him, she asked her the reason for giving her so much pain. He wrapped his extended claws around her neck and asked her how she dared talk with him with such disrespect. She watched her father die in front of her. This death was causing her so much pain. If you want to read the complete book, visit the Novel Cat website online.